House of Arras, with Ed Carr

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It’s not everyday you get to try wines made by someone who is… peerless.  Ed Carr is peerless in the Australian wine industry.  He is widely regarded as Australia’s greatest sparkling wine maker, and while his reputation preceded him, his wines absolutely spoke for themselves.

Arras with Ed Carr 14.09.2018

House of Arras Rose 2007

“We started using oak seriously in 2006, and we are very pleased with the results.” 1styear French oak, high char fine grain.  Adds tannin and richness.  Rose petal, pomegranate, pink peppercorn, lychee, red apple skin.  2007 was a hot year, dry, with frosts.  The pinot suffered damage which affected production.  Chardonnay elegance assists in old age.  More oak requires less dosage.  The pinot we us has special retention of colour.  Tache of red dosage.  Fairy floss, nougat, crushed pistachio.  Glorious.

9 years on lees, 7gm/L

$90 RRP, 750ml

House of Arras Grand Vintage 2007

“incredibly fresh.  It is still green in the glass.  A spray of sea salt, green apple, summer florals.  Steely and spritzed with minerality.  There is a grip and a structure, the yeasty/bready characters are really restrained on the front palate.  There is a suggestion left behind, yellow grapefruit.”

10 years on lees, 4gm/L.  All Grand Vintage wines spend 9 years on lees, but the magnums spend one year longer.

$300 RRP, 300 magnums produced only.

House of Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged 2004

“Pink grapefruit, sea salt / brine, oyster shell, Geraldton wax, plush and complete.  2004 was a pleasant year in the middle of a cluster of tough years.  A classic year.  This wine spent 13 yrs on lees.  No oak used in the base wine fermentation, but worked into the liqueur.  1% addition ‘and you’d be surprised what a difference that makes’.  Immaculately balanced and poised.  Powerful.  Finesse.  White peach, hints of saffron, laser acid, super fine.  Exceptional! Super exciting stuff.”

13 years on lees, disgorged March 2018, 6 months under cork.  4gm/L

$200 RRP, 750ml

House of Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged 2003 

Iodine and seaweed on the nose, seriously complex, Greek yoghurt, grapefruit, white peach.  Palate is muscular and rich – refreshing core – seamless base of pinot and chardonnay.  Red berry, red apple skins, talcy minerality, waxy florals.

14 years on lees, disgorged March 2018.  4gm/L

$400 RRP, 750ml

119 magnums produced only.

House of Arras Museum Release Blanc de Blancs 2001

Preserved lemon, lemon curd, yellow peach, nashi pear, sea salt, white currant, nougat, fresh sourdough.  Greek yoghurt, vanilla bean, fig, wafer, waffle cone, white pepper, crushed oyster shell!  Enormous length.  Finesse.  Elegance and poise.  Dosage is perfect.  Not a whisker over or under.  I’m going to go out onto a very sturdy limb here – this is hands down the best Australian sparkling I have ever tried, and an energetic knock on the French door.

15 years on lees, disgorged May 2017.  2gm/L

$350 RRP, 360 bottles produced.

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